SterlingPro French Coffee Press Review

This SterlingPro coffee press brews a liter of coffee, enough for 4-8 cups, depending of course on the size from which you take your poison! It makes an excellent gift for coffee lovers, and its classic design fits great with every kitchen, plus it looks really good on your coffee table! Affordable and durable, this press is a top-seller, guaranteed by thousands of satisfied customers!

The unique designed of this French press puts you in a great position. If you ever need to replace the glass carafe you’re in luck, as most 1 liter glass carafes will fit perfectly into the metallic cage. The carafe also slides out, so washing it is quite easy and you don’t have to run the stainless steel and chrome base through your dishwasher.

Features of SterlingPro French Coffee Press

SterlingPro French Coffee Press

This press has a carafe made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass, which makes the brewing experience quite fun, as you get to peer in and observe the process! Borosilicate glass as more durable than other glass, but still, don’t go around bumping into walls with it as it will break!

The outer casing is made from stainless steel, durable and appealing, and the lid and other minor parts are chrome. The lid fits perfectly on the top of the carafe and has a small plastic lining on the side that ensures a better fit.

The press comes fitted with a stainless steel plunger, and an innovative double filter mesh system. This superior filter makes sure that coffee grind is equally pressed, and that you get all the succulent aroma and taste from your coffee beans!

The Advantages of SterlingPro French Coffee Press

  • Lifetime warranty – All SterlingPro products come with a lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee on parts and make, so if for any of those reasons the press stops working you can rest assured that it will be replaced! The company stands behind its products and will replace the ones with defects at no additional cost.
  • No residue in the coffee – The double screen feature is something that this press has been using for a long time. It ensures that no beans or residue escape into the coffee, making sure you do not get that burnt coffee taste in your mouth!
  • Two extra filter screens – Additional two double screen filters are included with the package. This means that once the first filter goes out you will not hassle with ordering additional filters and finding a right match, and you will have the replacement parts ready to go!
  • No spillage – The secure lid is a perfect fit for the carafe, and ensures that there is no spillage once you start pressing your coffee. Many manufacturers overlook this feature and you end up spilling half of what you wanted to drink over your kitchen counter top, but this is not the case with SterlingPro coffee press!

The Bottom Line

SterlingPro is one of the most reputable makers of French coffee presses in the world, and this particular product has been a customer favorite for many years now! Elegantly designed, it will nicely compliment every kitchen and coffee table, and its affordable price means that you will not end up breaking the bank if you decide to invest in it! Besides, coffee brewed in a SterlingPro French press tastes just that much better!

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