BonJour Hugo 8-Cup Unbreakable French Press Review

This is a French press designed for those people who drop things, a lot. BonJour Hugo Unbreakable you can drop as many times as you want, and your only concern will be cleaning up after the fact. You know why? Because, as the name says, the carafe will not break! Regardless of the strength of the impact, you will not find yourself on the market for a new French press!

Since it is made from durable, strong materials, this press can truly last you a lifetime. And it possesses the feel and the look of a traditional glass French press. Nobody will now it’s actually notice it is plastic unless you drop it right in front of them. Another thing this baby has going for it is the fact that you can use it to microwave and re-heat your coffee! Just make sure to remove all metal parts, such as the filter rod and meshed lid, before popping it into the microwave!

Features of BonJour Hugo 8-Cup Unbreakable French Press

BonJour Hugo 8-Cup Unbreakable French Press

BonJour Hugo 8-Cup Unbreakable French Press comes with a carafe made from polycarbonate unbreakable plastic, so you can rest assured it will power through anything you throw at it. It also has a rubberized comfort-grip handle, designed to minimize heat, for ease of handling. Lid and frame are also completely plastic, making the press durable, and less prone to breaks.

Stainless steel rod filter and screen are sure to bring out even the most delicate aromas from your coffee, and the mesh covered lid is there to ensure that any wandering particles are caught in time, before they make their way into your mouth! You can have your pick of colors and sizes of this French press as well, so it is up to you whether you want a smaller one just for yourself, or if you want to purchase a 12-cup model that you can use when entertaining guests.

The Advantages of BonJour Hugo 8-Cup Unbreakable French Press

  • Unbreakable materials – Drop it or toss it, it doesn’t really matter, as the entire machine is made from highly durable, plastic materials that are resistant and unbreakable.
  • Large size – You can order different sizes, so opting for a 12-cup carafe might be a good idea if you have a lot of guests that simply love coffee! Even if they don’t, a large carafe will mean that you will be spending less time brewing and more time drinking coffee so buying a larger size is always a good idea.
  • Mesh lid – This product features a unique mesh lid that serves as a safeguard that will catch unwanted ground coffee particles to creep into your cup when pouring. It makes sure that you only get coffee inside, without the residue!
  • Resistant to wear – When we say this product is durable, we actually mean it! Not only does it last a long time, you can wash it in the machine, as well as microwave your coffee in it.

The Bottom Line

This is an excellent purchase for people who like their stuff durable and unbreakable! Buy BonJour Hugo 8-Cup Unbreakable French Press if you want to avoid the headache of replacing your carafe every time you have a slip up! This French press is a durable investment for which you will not have to break the bank, plus it looks great on your kitchen counter top!

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