Best French Press Coffe Maker| 2021 Top Reviews & Ratings

Best French Press Coffee Maker

We have all seen them, those funky looking little pots with bits of ground coffee bobbing around and the quirky looking rod in the middle. And we have to admit that we laughed as well, especially to people carrying such portable devices. Well, that funny looking contraption is called a French coffee press or Melior, and we have to tell you, it is one of the best ways of making fresh, tasty coffee!

Coffee is the fuel that gets us up and about and ready for our work day in the morning, and a lot of people don’t have the time to brew a regular cup of coffee at home, or money to buy an espresso machine. French presses are an ideal, time-conserving alternative solution to brewing a perfectly balanced, rich cup of coffee! They are fairly straightforward to use, and totally uncomplicated. These cool coffee makers consist of a jug and a rod with a filter on the bottom. You simply place the ground coffee in the jug, pour hot water over it, stir, let it rest for four and half to six minutes (according to personal preference and whether you like your coffee stronger or weaker), and press the plunger down to allow the filter to extract the aroma out of the grind. And voila! That is basically it.

There are different French presses on the market, so you can get an 8 cup French press, single cup French press, or even a French press that doubles as a 20 cup coffee maker. The choice is totally yours. Here we review some of the most popular French press coffee makers in the hopes of guiding you through your purchasing process, and showing you just why the French press is the ultimate coffee making machine! As you can see, there are a lot of different types and kinds of French presses. Luckily, we did our homework so you don't have to. Our advice to you right now is to relax, sit comfortably in your chair, grab a cup of fine made coffee and join us on the adventure called "Looking for the right French press". Always keep in mind that you must know what you want from your French press and what you need in a good French press.

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Types of French Press Coffee Makers

French presses differ in size and make, but they all do pretty much the same, that is, they brew good coffee. Some materials are more durable than others, however, so it is always wise to think about how and where you will use your press. If it intended for home use than you can probably get away with a cheaper and more fragile product this will look good on your counter top. If you are buying one for the office or to lug around, then consider sturdier, and often times more expensive product.

Here we’ve selected a couple of different types of French presses and reviewed several products in each category. Read on to find out which type would best suit your individual needs!

Glass French press

Bodum Chambord 12 cup French Press Coffee Maker

Glass has been used for years in making French presses so you might say it is sort of a traditional material. Other than being time tested, glass French presses are attractive and fun as you can observe the entire coffee making process.

Always handle glass models with extreme care. They are breakable and can be a hazard. They also don’t retain heat that well. Some have double glass walls to help with that issue, and will keep your coffee hot for longer periods of time.

Bodum Chambord 12 cup French Press Coffee Maker Review

Bodum has been a quality French press manufacturer for years now, and Chambord is one of their signature products. This coffee maker allows you to brew 52 ounces of coffee, so it is a great product to have if you entertain friends often. Also, this particular line of Bodum product comes in various sizes so you can opt to buy one that is smaller in volume. Basically, it is down to your personal preference.

Coffee extracted from this French press has excellent aroma, and is a great way to kick start your day. Make sure to not let it steep for too long, three and a half to four minutes will be quite enough. It is very easy to clean, you can hand clean it by taking it apart, or simply run it through the dishwasher as all parts are dishwasher machine resistant.

Features of Bodum Chambord 12 cup French Press Coffee Maker

The quality of materials used in making this coffee maker is what sets it apart from the run of the mill French presses. No plastic is used, so if you are not a fan of it you can rest assured that all parts are either metal or glass!

The beaker is made of high quality, durable, and heat-resistant borosilicate glass, and holds your coffee hot for quite some time. Stainless steel casing ensures longevity of this coffee press, making it a looker so you can leave it out on your kitchen counter top as a decoration. It is also fitted with a chrome-infused, heat resistant handle, so scalding your hand while pouring a cup is not a likely event.

It also comes with a three-part stainless steel mesh filter, design to extract the perfect amount of aromas and acids from your grind! This French press can boast many international awards for design, most notably American Culinary Institute's award for the best French press on the market!

TheAdvantages of Bodum Chambord 12 cup French Press Coffee Maker

  • Glass carafe – Glass carafe give you the opportunity to observe the coffee making process, giving the whole experience a nice, fun side. It also makes it very attractive, so it is a perfect addition to your kitchen counter.
  • Dishwasher-safe – All parts are dishwasher-safe so don’t even give it a second thought when placing it inside the machine. You can also hand wash it, but be careful not to damage the glass.
  • Large size – The carafe holds 50 ounces of coffee, suitable for twelve cups, or to put it more bluntly, just enough for an excellent afternoon spent sipping your favorite beverage. It is great for making large batches of coffee when you have friends over.
  • Quality materials – As we already mentioned, only top grade materials are used in making this product, and this is guaranteed by the company. Make sure to purchase it from reputable vendors as there are several cheaper, yet low-quality replicas on the market.
Bottom Line

Bodum Chambord is a great French press coffee maker that will allow you to brew excellent coffee day in day out! Make sure to clean it regularly, and handle it very carefully as it is fragile. Glass carafe can easily break and that is not something that you want as it can be a safety hazard. All in all, we think that this product is great value for money and we are guarantee you won’t regret buying it!

Plastic French press

BonJour Hugo 8-Cup Unbreakable French Press

Plastic French presses are very similar to glass ones in terms that they are also see-through, so you have the same, fun experience when making your cup of coffee. One advantage they hold over glass models is that they are usually made of shatterproof plastic so they are not easy to break.

They are gaining popularity recently since the coffee they make is of the same quality as coffee from every other French press with the added bonus that plastic French presses can last for years.

BonJour Hugo 8-Cup Unbreakable French Press Review

This is a French press designed for those people who drop things, a lot. BonJour Hugo Unbreakable you can drop as many times as you want, and your only concern will be cleaning up after the fact. You know why? Because, as the name says, the carafe will not break! Regardless of the strength of the impact, you will not find yourself on the market for a new French press!

Since it is made from durable, strong materials, this press can truly last you a lifetime. And it possesses the feel and the look of a traditional glass French press. Nobody will now it’s actually notice it is plastic unless you drop it right in front of them. Another thing this baby has going for it is the fact that you can use it to microwave and re-heat your coffee! Just make sure to remove all metal parts, such as the filter rod and meshed lid, before popping it into the microwave!

Features of BonJour Hugo 8-Cup Unbreakable French Press

BonJour Hugo 8-Cup Unbreakable French Press comes with a carafe made from polycarbonate unbreakable plastic, so you can rest assured it will power through anything you throw at it. It also has a rubberized comfort-grip handle, designed to minimize heat, for ease of handling. Lid and frame are also completely plastic, making the press durable, and less prone to breaks.

Stainless steel rod filter and screen are sure to bring out even the most delicate aromas from your coffee, and the mesh covered lid is there to ensure that any wandering particles are caught in time, before they make their way into your mouth! You can have your pick of colors and sizes of this French press as well, so it is up to you whether you want a smaller one just for yourself, or if you want to purchase a 12-cup model that you can use when entertaining guests.

The Advantages of BonJour Hugo 8-Cup Unbreakable French Press

  • Unbreakable materials – Drop it or toss it, it doesn’t really matter, as the entire machine is made from highly durable, plastic materials that are resistant and unbreakable.
  • Large size – You can order different sizes, so opting for a 12-cup carafe might be a good idea if you have a lot of guests that simply love coffee! Even if they don’t, a large carafe will mean that you will be spending less time brewing and more time drinking coffee so buying a larger size is always a good idea.
  • Mesh lid – This product features a unique mesh lid that serves as a safeguard that will catch unwanted ground coffee particles to creep into your cup when pouring. It makes sure that you only get coffee inside, without the residue!
  • Resistant to wear – When we say this product is durable, we actually mean it! Not only does it last a long time, you can wash it in the machine, as well as microwave your coffee in it.
Bottom Line

This is an excellent purchase for people who like their stuff durable and unbreakable! Buy BonJour Hugo 8-Cup Unbreakable French Press if you want to avoid the headache of replacing your carafe every time you have a slip up! This French press is a durable investment for which you will not have to break the bank, plus it looks great on your kitchen counter top!

Stainless steel French press

SterlingPro Pear Shape Doublewall Stainless Steel Mirror Finish French Coffee Press Review

Stainless steel is becoming a preferred material in French press manufacture due to the fact that they are not breakable and usually last a lot longer than coffee makers made from other materials. Another advantage they have is that the keep you coffee hot for longer periods of time.

Keep in mind that you should not use it as a thermo. Stainless steel keeps the heat but it also leads to over-extracting of the coffee grind, and if you leave coffee in it for too long it will become bitter.

SterlingPro Pear Shape Doublewall Stainless Steel Mirror Finish French Coffee Press

Stainless steel French presses are one of the most durable ones on the market. This goes double for a number one seller from SterlingPro. This is one of those French presses that will last for a lifetime thanks to the premium materials and the quality of make! Every cup you brew in this great product will be better than the previous one!

The elegant and sleek design of this French press will fit in great with contemporary kitchen, and also it is a great conversational piece you will want to display on your coffee table! Its large size will allow you to make over 8 cups of coffee in one go, so it is great for saving time when you’re having friends over!

This excellent press is a perfect gift for wedding, anniversaries and birthdays since what you are actually giving is a gift of great coffee and convenience! All parts are machine washable, which is also a great plus!

Features of SterlingPro Pear Shape Doublewall Stainless Steel Mirror Finish French Coffee Press

SterlingPro French press is made from stainless steel 18/10 material, making it durable and lasting. The press is doubly insulated and has reinforced walls, which means that it will hold heat up to four times longer than regular presses!

The plunger and the filter meshes are also made from durable stainless steel and will not rust. They will last a long time before the need arises to replace them! And when that day comes you will have additional two meshes that come included with this product for your convenience! Their worth is well over $ 25, so make sure to order soon before this one time deal expires!

The Advantages of SterlingPro Pear Shape Doublewall Stainless Steel Mirror Finish French Coffee Press

  • Extra screen meshes – These additional meshes are a lifesaver since they are costly and difficult to come by! When you feel that your old screen mesh has served its time simply replace it with one of the two you will get with this product!
  • Durable – Stainless steel makes this press sturdy and durable, less prone to breakage than the conventional glass-made presses, so it is all but guaranteed that it will last you for a long, long time!
  • Lifetime warranty – A lifetime manufacturer’s warranty is the true backing for this product. If the press stops working due to defects in manufacture or make you can rest assured that the manufacturer will replace it for you at no additional cost!
  • Dishwasher safe – All parts of this product are dishwasher safe. That means that they will not rust and will be perfectly functional after a quick machine rinse. This saves considerable time as you will not have to manually wash the press.
Bottom Line

SterlingPro Pear Shape Doublewall Stainless Steel Mirror Finish French Coffee Press is one of those products we are just confident about, meaning that we feel that this is a worthy investment for all coffee enthusiasts and lovers. The great thing about this product is the fact that it is not as expensive as other stainless steel French presses. Its unique design and large size make it a purchase of the lifetime so don’t skip out on this one!

On-the-go, travel mug French press

Bodum Insulated Stainless-Steel Travel French Press Coffee and Tea Mug

These are good for people in a hurry, as you can take them with you and press coffee while on the road. Simply put coffee in the jug, pour hot water, and you are ready to go. You can press and drink it on your way to work.

They are usually made from durable materials, since they are intended for the road and have to be sturdier. Popular materials are plastic and stainless steel. The only drawback here is the fact that you are drinking directly from the jug, so a bit more coffee grind is to be expected in your coffee.

Bodum Insulated Stainless-Steel Travel French Press Coffee and Tea Mug Review

Lovers of the on-the-go cup of coffee will rejoice when they see this new Bodum product! It’s none other than French press travel mug! Now all of you who were too busy to enjoy an excellent cup of coffee from a French press can finally breathe a sigh of relief! This stainless steel coffee mug holds 15 oz of coffee. And not just coffee, you can use it to brew loose tea leafs if that is your preference!

This coffee press / travel mug is also fun to look at thanks to its sleek design features and multicolored silicon add-ons. Double insulated stainless steel casing will hold your drinks hot – or cold- for several hours. That’s way longer than those paper cups that you are so accustomed to carrying your coffee in will ever keep it warm!

Features of Bodum Insulated Stainless-Steel Travel French Press Coffee and Tea Mug

This travel mug is made from stainless steel that is both durable and attractive, and will last you way longer than those regular mugs you are accustomed to! The manufacturer made sure that the make is vacuum sealed and double-walled insulation keeps your coffee hot for hours. It also features a non-slip silicone grip in a variety of colors, making it both safe and attractive. The lid is spill resistant, covers the top of the mug completely and has a built-in plunger!

Plunger and filter mesh feature resistant, safe plastic so the mug is completely dishwasher friendly so cleaning it is hassle-free! You can use it to brew both coffee and tea, or to store your cold drinks and keep them cold!

The Advantages of Bodum Insulated Stainless-Steel Travel French Press Coffee and Tea Mug

  • Great coffee everywhere – We all know that best coffee is made in French presses! With this travel mug you can be sure that you are drinking the very best, and the greatest part is, it can go anywhere with you!
  • Stainless steel material –Materials used in manufacturing this product make it very durable and resistant to wear and tear. This means that you will be using it for a long time since it doesn’t chip or break!
  • No slippage or spillage – The cover of the lid is a perfect fit for the mug, so there will be no spilling of coffee once you get to brewing. Also, the silicone grip ensures that the mug stays firmly in your hand and prevents slippage.
  • Variety of colors – Anti-slip silicone grip comes in a variety of live, vibrant colors so you can choose one that goes with your wardrobe or personality. Whichever you end up choosing you will most definitely look stylish!
  • Keeps drinks cold or hot – The great thing about this mug is that it can double as a thermos thanks to its double-walled stainless steel insulation. It will keep your coffee hot on those cold mornings when you’re rushing to work!
Bottom Line

This versatile French press allows you to take your excellently brewed coffee everywhere you go! Bodum Insulated Stainless-Steel Travel French Press Coffee and Tea Mug is both durable and affordable and doubles as a travel mug for coffee, tea, and a variety of cold beverages you choose to put inside! Doubly insulated walls make sure that all your drinks remain hot – or cold – for longer periods of time!

Ceramic French press

FORLIFE Cafe Style Coffee/Tea Press, 32-Ounce

Ceramic is a time tested material and has been used in making French presses for a long time. The material is more durable than glass, and it will hold heat for longer. They are also attractive, and not associated with panic that some people have it comes to using plastic appliances to make coffee.

A ceramic model is good middle ground in terms of durability and heat retention between glass and steel models. They are still fragile so don’t get carried away as the will break if you drop them or handle them without care!

FORLIFE Cafe Style Coffee/Tea Press, 32-Ounce Review

This is one of those French presses you will fall in love with at the first sight! Although they are not as resistant as stainless steel presses, or see-through as those made from glass, they combine the best of both worlds! Ceramic is a material that does not stain, and is easy to clean up, so a simple rinse will suffice when you start cleaning it!

Also, some customers say that ceramic is way better at retaining heat than glass is. They also agree that, for some reason, coffee just tastes that much better when made in it! Its large size allows you to make around eight cups of exquisitely pressed coffee from it. It is marked as 32 ounce but make sure to pour water only up to the part where the beaker starts protruding to avoid spillage! It can also be used to make loose tea!

Features of FORLIFE Cafe Style Coffee/Tea Press, 32-Ounce

This French press is made from lead free high fired ceramic. The materials do not contain any BPAs so that is a great plus as well. It will retain heat longer than glass presses thanks to its overall better insulation and heat retention properties of the material. It also comes in a variety of different colors, so it is easy to choose one that fits perfectly with your kitchen or coffee table!

The plunger itself is made from stainless steel, as are some parts of the filter mesh. The lid is silicone so avoid putting it into the dishwasher. While it is washable the excessive heat might cause it to deform. The ceramic pot can go safely into the dishwasher.

The Advantages FORLIFE Cafe Style Coffee/Tea Press, 32-Ounce

  • Makes eight cups – The large size of this French press is one of its strong selling points! Now you can make enough coffee to last you for a day, or have it ready in no time when your friends decide to drop by!
  • Retains heat – Ceramic is a great insulator and retains heat a lot longer than glass! Granted, your coffee will not stay warm forever, but will be reasonably hot even an hour after you made it!
  • A variety of colors – This product is available in more than ten colors, from black to white and every color in between. This makes your purchasing decision a lot easier, as you can buy the want that bests goes with your kitchen, or get them all and match them to your outfits!
  • Tested, safe materials – All materials used are high quality and free of BPA and other toxic substances. The ceramic parts do not contain any lead, so you will not be putting yourself into harm’s way by using this product.
Bottom Line

FORLIFE Cafe Style Coffee/Tea Press, 32-Ounce is a stylish and durable French press that will lively up every kitchen and coffee table! Drink only great coffee from this excellent, heat retaining press that holds up to eight cups at any given moment! It is also very affordable so you will not be breaking the bank if you decide to get one for you, your family and your friends!

Electric French press

Mr. Coffee 3-n-1 Best Electric French Press & Hot Water Kettle

There French presses are the latest craze, and convenient at that! They eliminate the need to boil water separately in a kettle, and cut the time needed to make a good cup of coffee considerably. They cost a bit more than traditional French presses, but can be considered a lifelong investment since they are durable and made from quality materials.

Mr. Coffee 3-n-1 Best Electric French Press & Hot Water Kettle

This French press is a tad different from the ones we reviewed before. Now, when we say tad, we mean a lot. If you avoid using a French press because of the prerequisite of heating water separately, then this is a product for you. It makes a mean cup of coffee but its uses do not end there. You can use it to bring water to boil, or to make tea as well!

The use is fairly uncomplicated and the unit heats up water in no time. The capacity of the carafe is around one liter, so you can use it to make large batches of coffee when you are having friends over. The product is made from durable materials and the carafe will not break on impact.

Features of Mr. Coffee 3-n-1 Best Electric French Press & Hot Water Kettle

Mr. Coffee has a base made from quality plastic, so it is more durable than French presses made from ceramic. The carafe is double-walled quality glass. It also holds heat well. The product is a two-parter. The base is stand-alone and has an electrical cord that is plugged into the outlet. The carafe can be placed on top of it from either direction.

The device also comes with added options, so you can set the boil temperature, depending on whether you are brewing coffee, tea, or simply boiling water. The lid comes equipped with a plunger and a filter mesh, both made from stainless steel materials that add longevity to the product. Carafe and the lid are dishwasher friendly so cleaning this French press is a breeze.

The Advantages of Mr. Coffee 3-n-1 Best Electric French Press & Hot Water Kettle

  • Ease of use – Simply pour water into the carafe and bring it to a near boil. After that add coffee and press down to brew an excellent cup. It really is as easy as that!
  • Multi-purpose – You can use this device to brew excellent coffee, but also to make tea and heat up water. This is practical for the purposes of making instant meals!
  • Keeps coffee warm – The device can be adjusted to keep coffee and tea warm for up to and hour by slowly reheating the carafe. Simply adjust the base on the desired setting and leave the carafe on the base to avoid your coffee getting cold.
  • Detachable glass carafe – Carafe is made from glass so it keeps you coffee reasonably warm and you get to peer in and watch it getting pressed which is fun! You can also detach the carafe from the base, as it is self-sustaining.
Bottom Line

Mr. Coffee 3-n-1 Best Electric French Press & Hot Water Kettle is a practical device for those looking for more than just a coffee press! Even though some user report experiencing slight problems with the buttons they say that this should not prevent anyone from purchasing the product! They note that this affordable product is backed with the manufacturer’s warranty so if anything goes wrong it is easily replacable!

What to look for in good French press coffee maker

There isn’t all that much to think about when buying a French press, since all the models work on the same underlining principle, and are relatively straightforward to use. They are also (for the most part) relatively inexpensive, so if you happen to dislike the one that you own, it’s easy and costs little to replace it. And if you by any chance plan to buy yourself a first timer we suggest you continue reading, it will help a lot. There are several things worth noting though, and you should keep an eye on them when deciding on a French press.

  • Frame material – You have a choice between metal and plastic frame materials. This will depend on the preference, but consider the fact that metal frames are more durable and less prone to breakage.
  • Heat retention – One of the most important things to consider when buying a French press is heat retention. No one likes their coffee cold, so make sure that your jug can hold heat well, especially if you are buying one that holds more than one cup.
  • Lid seal – Make sure to buy a good jug with decent lid seal. This can be a problem with French presses, bad lid seals ultimately lead to not such great coffee, and will also make a mess in your kitchen, as leakage will be an issue.
  • Size – Our advice is; buy two sizes, one for yourself, so a single cup French press, and one to use when you are having guests over. This is because making coffee for one in a large French press is ultimately a waste since if you don’t drink it all fast, it is going to get cold.